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Publications and other Resources

Improving Gender Equality through Electric Mobility

Martin, E., Andrieu, V., Owigar, J., Berlin, A., Bitangaza, M., Irambona, C.

Gender & E-Mobility Ecuador

Lopez, G., Susnavas, A., Munoz, R.

Gender and E-Mobility in Ecuador: A Combined Report

Lopez, G., Susnavas, A., Mejia, I., Munoz, R., Lah, S.

ITF Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport

ITF Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport offers governments, international organisations, contractors and all those who work on transport projects a hands-on tool to carry out gender analyses and incorporate a gender perspective into their plans and policies.

Understanding Urban Travel Behaviour by Gender for Efficient and Equitable Transport Policies

Despite being one of the key sociodemographic variables that influence travel behavior, gender is often the least understood. The International Transport Forum (ITF) produced this discussion paper as an output of a project that aimed to facilitate a better understanding of travel behaviour by gender. Better transportation policies  - including those related to e-mobility - that are efficient and equitable can be designed if when we understand travel behavior by gender. 


Web-based tool for helping decision-makers tackle sexual harassment in sub-Saharan public transport. 

What is the SHE CAN tool?

The SHE CAN tool is a user-friendly, web-based resource, assisting policymakers and transport providers to develop an evidence-based approach to addressing sexual harassment and personal security within public transport. This offers co-benefits to improve female access to education, employment and leisure in Africa, and across the world.

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