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Welcome to the Urban Living Lab Fellowship Programme hosted by the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative! 


We are excited to introduce this ULLC Fellowship Programme.

At the heart of the ULLC's mission lies a dedication to facilitating international cooperation projects with the potential to catalyze change in key urban sectors. These projects are not just limited to financial support from entities such as the International Climate Initiative and the European Union; rather, they encompass a broader network of like-minded funders and partners. Our collective goal is clear: to maximize synergies among initiatives, enhance their effectiveness, and accelerate local climate change mitigation efforts while promoting sustainable development.

The Urban Living Lab Fellowship Programme invites you to be a part of this transformative journey towards urban resilience and sustainable development. You have the opportunity to apply for ULLC Fellowships, joining a community of Change Makers dedicated to creating innovative solutions for a more sustainable and climate-resilient urban future.

You will be working with our encouraging and motivated team with equal parts men and women. We are committed to having a diverse team, this action, is proven to boost drive and productivity with in the group. We also make sure that all of our projects have a gender equality component. Women are underrepresented in the mobility sector, and we and our partners want to do our part in changing the stereotype. ​

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