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Start-up Incubator

New electro-mobility solutions are a key element for the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda. To develop those innovative and integrated solutions, cooperation between cities worldwide, industry and innovators is key. The Start-up Incubator is part of the SOLUTIONSplus project


Kigali - Rwanda


Founded in Kigali – Rwanda, Ampersand builds affordable electric motorcycles (e-motos) and charging systems to help Rwanda and Africa leapfrog towards a zero-carbon future. Ampersand offers local motorcycle taxis drivers a cost-convenient, more profitable and cleaner alternative to petrol motorcycles.

Kigali - Rwanda


GURARIDE, founded in 2017, is a Green E-mobility public bike-share (PBS) transport system company. GURARIDE is committed to the sustainability of micro-mobility in Africa, with Rwanda being its first entry point. It employs a multimodal micro-mobility solution in a single app to enable users to choose their ride preference. 

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Dar es Salaam - Tanzania


Auto-truck prides itself in Mitigating Climate Change through the Adoption of Green Energy Technology by Introduction of Electric 3 wheelers, Mini-cabs for Light Transportation in Major Towns and Cities in Dar, Tanzania as well as offering climate action services among other line products.

Dar es Salaam - Tanzania


Sustainable Energy Service Company (SESCOM) Limited, focused on efficient production and use of electricity, its collaborating with other two partner companies from Tanzania, Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit (DART), and Jiwe-Kubwa Automobile Company to further develop electric mobility in their country.

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