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MobiliseHER: Empowering Gender-Responsive Mobility Systems in Indian Cities

UEMI Seeks Local Contractor for Kochi Project
Tender closes: 02.05.2024 23:59 (Berlin time)

MobiliseHER: Participatory Approaches for Gender Responsive Mobility Systems 

MobiliseHER is a project funded by EuropeAid and implemented by the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) with three Indian partners (WRI India, CRDF and PRIA). It will take place in three (3) Indian cities. The project aims to improve the engagement of civil society organisations (CSOs) in transport planning and governance in Indian cities to enable the integration of gender-responsive planning in low-carbon transport systems. CSOs, which include think tanks, international organisations, community-based organisations, and social non-profit enterprises, are a key stakeholder group for this project. They play an important role in governance, providing technical assistance and facilitating people’s participation in India's transport sector. Another key stakeholder group is the government authorities responsible for urban transport planning, regulation and governance. Various state and local governments have undertaken gender-specific transport initiatives, such as gender-disaggregated transport data collection, training and recruitment of women in public transport fleets, free transit for women commuters, etc., often with support from CSOs. However, their efforts occur in siloes, do not involve sustained engagement, and are not holistically designed, thereby failing to achieve systemic, long-term impacts. Other relevant stakeholders include public and private operators of transport services, including city bus and metro rail transit authorities and paratransit operators. Finally, the end users, especially women, gender and sexual minorities, and persons with disabilities, have varying demographic characteristics and travel needs. 

The project also aims to sensitise government authorities and CSOs on the need for gender-responsive transport systems while building their capacities. This will involve training and capacity building of government authorities and CSOs and the development of knowledge products. 

In this context, UEMI is seeking the support of a local contractor to provide thematic expertise to perform on-ground tasks related to the MobiliseHER project in Kochi, Kerala, the project city led by UEMI.  

UEMI Seeks Local Contractor to Empower Gender-Responsive Mobility in Kochi, India

UEMI is seeking a local contractor to provide expertise for the MobiliseHER project in Kochi, India. This project aims to improve the participation of civil society organizations (CSOs) and government bodies in creating gender-responsive transport systems.

The local contractor will play a key role in:

  • Engaging with stakeholders: Identifying and collaborating with CSOs and government officials.

  • Capacity building: Providing training and workshops on gender-responsive mobility for both CSOs and government stakeholders.

  • Data collection and analysis: Assisting with data collection on urban mobility patterns and analyzing existing policies to identify gaps.

  • Promoting participatory approaches: Facilitating discussions and workshops to generate ideas and solutions for gender-responsive mobility.

  • Developing knowledge products: Creating technical studies, policy briefs, and communication materials to raise awareness.

Invitation to submit a tender 

Project title: MobiliseHER

Country: India

Type of procedure: Public invitation to tender

Please submit your technical and financial bids along with a duly filled self-declaration of eligibility by 02.05.2024 23:59 (Berlin time) in English. 

Please ensure that you complete and submit all the required documents. Please note that this is a public invitation to tender and there will be no negotiations. 

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Please submit your document by 02.05.2024 23:59 (Berlin time) to

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