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Urban Electric Mobility Initiative

The Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI)  was launched by UN-Habitat, building on international activities in the areas of sustainable urban development, energy, mobility, and focusing on the equal access provision of urban basic services in Latin America, Asia and Africa. UEMI is the Mobility Hub of the Urban Living Lab Center. 









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Improving Gender Equity Through Electric Mobility: 

Learnings from the SOLUTIONSplus Pilot in Kigali, Rwanda

Urban Living Lab Center Gender Equality Initiative

At the Urban Living Lab Center (ULLC), we are committed to fostering sustainable urban development that is inclusive and equitable for all. Gender equality plays a pivotal role in achieving this vision, as it encompasses the principles of fairness, equal opportunities, diversity, and respect within our organization and the broader sphere of urban planning, mobility, and policy implementation.


The mobility Hub of the Urban Living Lab Center

On the fringes of the G7 sustainable urban development ministers´ meeting, the Executive Director of UN-Habitat has inaugurated UEMI - the Mobility Hub of the Urban Living Lab Center to emphasize the strong commitment to local implementation actions towards sustainable and low-carbon cities. 

Mobility Hub


UEMI is involved and coordinating several international project in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. 

Find out more about SOLUTIONSplus, ACCESS or STREnGth_M!

14 active projects


The Urban Electric Mobility Initiative is working with over 100 partners on sustainable project all over the world. 

114 partners in 28 countries


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