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28th November 2022: Workshop on Impact Assessment of Hanoi EV demonstration

SOLUTIONSplus organized a workshop on 28th November 2022 to carry out the impact assessment of the shared e-2 wheelers demonstration actions in Hanoi. Ten local stakeholders representing the Department of Science, Transport Development & Strategy Institute of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Department of Science, Tech & Environment – MOT, National Traffic Safety Committee, Hanoi Department of Transport (DOT), Hanoi Public Transport Management Center, Transerco, Department of National Resources & Environment, QiQ, AEON Mall Ha Dong, and RCEE Energy & Environment Joint Stock Company joined the SOLUTIONSplus consortium partners (Wuppertal Institute, Urban Electric Mobility Initiative [UEMI], TNO, CODATU, Hanoi University of Transport Technology [UTT] and Clean Air Asia) in the session held in UTT.

The workshop on impact assessment of the Hanoi pilot demonstration became an avenue to meet the following objectives:

1) Raise the awareness of shared e-mopeds assessment and its importance;

2) Inform the stakeholders on the methodology, status and targeted outcome of the impact assessment;

3) Empower the stakeholders to contribute by providing feedback, set key performance indicators (KPI) priorities, and;

4) Share information and feedback on the pilot and operating environment in Hanoi with the impact assessment team.

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