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28th November 2022: Shared e-moped demo Launch in Hanoi

On the 28th of November 2022, the pilot project for last-mile connectivity was launched in Hanoi to offer a connection between a BRT Station (Van Khe) and the AEON Mall in Ha Dong using electric two-wheelers. The pilot demonstration, which initially covers 2 km, is to be supported by a newly built app, V-Share, and the ambition is to gradually replace the shuttle service currently provided by diesel-run vans with an electric 2-wheeler-sharing or bike-sharing program.

The service is available for the use of the public for free for six months. Three types of two-wheelers are made available for the project: e-mopeds from Vietnamese manufacturer VinFast (Ludo); e-mopeds from Chinese manufacturer TailG, and; e-bikes from Vietnamese start-up QiQ.

The pilot launch was held outside of AEON Mall in Ha Dong and was led by SOLUTIONSplus local partner the University of Transport Technology (UTT) Hanoi. The event was graced by official representatives from the National Assembly, the National Traffic Committee, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Hanoi Department of Transport. The event was also attended by representatives from UNEP, SOLUTIONSplus project partners (Clean Air Asia, Wuppertal Institute, Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI), TNO, and CODATU), the manufacturers, the Ministry of Transport, Hanoi DOT, UNDP Vietnam, GIZ Vietnam, Associations of Vietnamese Manufacturers and of Electric Vehicles, AEON Mall.

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