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Our Story in Kigali, Rwanda

Empowering Road Safety: Trans-Safe Project's Initiatives in Kigali, Rwanda

The Trans-Safe Project in Rwanda, particularly in Kigali, is at the forefront of pioneering innovative strategies to address road safety challenges with a specific focus on the safety of women and children.


Kigali, Rwanda's capital, grapples with significant road safety issues due to its dense population and heavy reliance on road transport. With a mean population density of 1552 people/km2 and a troublingly high rate of road traffic deaths, Rwanda recognizes the urgent need for effective interventions to enhance road safety. To tackle these pressing challenges, Kigali has launched six demonstration action projects, each targeting various facets of road safety, with a keen emphasis on safeguarding women and children.


These initiatives include digitalizing and crowd-sourcing road safety reporting, establishing safe school zones, enhancing post-crash care response, and promoting safe and clean vehicle standards. These efforts underscore Rwanda's unwavering commitment to prioritizing road safety and reflect the city's proactive stance in addressing the specific needs of its populace, particularly vulnerable road users such as women and children. Through groundbreaking initiatives like the Crowdsourced, High Risk, Near-Miss Hotspot Map/Dashboard and the Walkability App, the TransSafe Project aims to empower citizens, especially women, to actively engage in identifying and addressing road safety concerns.


By fostering a culture of participation, these initiatives aim to create a safer and more inclusive transportation environment in Kigali. Furthermore, endeavors such as the Routes to School (R2S) Education platform and the Safe and Clean Vehicles Summit exemplify Rwanda's holistic approach to improving road safety standards and ensuring the well-being of all road users, with a special focus on the safety and mobility needs of women, children, and other vulnerable groups. Through innovative technologies and collaborative partnerships, the Trans-Safe Project in Kigali is laying the groundwork for sustainable solutions that prioritize the safety and empowerment of women and children across the city.

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