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Our Story in Marrakech, Morocco

Empowering Women through Sustainable Mobility: SESA Launches Urban Pilot Project in Marrakech

In Marrakech, a symbol of progress radiates as the Sustainable Energy Solutions for Africa (SESA) project, with the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) as a project partner, introduces an urban pilot project dedicated to electric mobility. This Morocco Living Lab, launched on November 13, 2023, at the Green Energy Park (UM6P, IRESEN), marks a significant step towards empowering women and girls in the region.

At the heart of this endeavor is a successful collaboration with the startup POGO, made possible by funding from the European Commission under the H2020 program. This partnership underscores the commitment of multiple African and European partners to support sustainable energy solutions that prioritize gender inclusivity.

The main objective of the project goes beyond merely providing energy access; it aims to create local opportunities for economic development and social cohesion, with a particular focus on empowering women. Through decentralized renewable energies and sustainable electric mobility solutions, the project seeks to address transportation challenges faced by women and girls, especially those from rural areas.

A notable aspect of the initiative is its dedication to supporting the education of rural girls. In partnership with the association for the education of rural girls (A.S.J.F.R), the project aims to provide 14 young girls with access to electric motorcycles. These vehicles will not only facilitate their transportation to the university but also serve as a clean and sustainable solution, empowering them to pursue their educational aspirations without the barriers posed by transportation constraints.

As the urban demonstrator is inaugurated, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable mobility in empowering women and advancing gender equality. Beyond Marrakech, the success of this pilot project holds promise for replication in other African countries, amplifying its impact and paving the way for greater inclusion and opportunity for women across the continent.

In essence, the project embodies the spirit of cooperation between the European Union, multiple African countries, and local partners, united in their commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable future, where women and girls have the resources and opportunities to thrive.

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Picture: Morocco, November 2023

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