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The Urban Living Lab Facility has been launched to create synergies with other related projects within relevant areas and regions. 
​The facility focuses on knowledge exchange, co-creation of innovative solutions, their testing and implementation. 


UN-Habitat - Climate resilience in urban planning

The Cities and Climate Change Initiative (CCCI) seeks to enhance the preparedness and mitigation activities of cities in developing countries. It emphasizes good governance, responsibility, leadership, and practical initiatives for local governments, communities, and citizens.

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GIZ - ICT Based adaptation to climate change in cities

Information and communication technologies (ICT)-based approaches to collect, assess and simulate local climate-scenarios enable city administrations and political representatives to obtain the necessary information for developing and implementing local adaptation strategies.

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UNEP - Integrating electric 2&3 wheelers into existing urban transport modes

International Climate Initiative 
This project develops programs in six countries from two sub-regions to start the transition from internal combustion engine to electric and non-motorized 2&3 wheelers, to reduce transport emissions.

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