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GEMINI’s vision is to accelerate the progress towards climate neutrality by reinforcing modal shift through the demonstration and uptake of new shared mobility services, active transport modes, and micro-mobility and their integration with PT in new generation MaaS services. Drivers of this transition will be the GEMINI Mobility Living Labs (MLL) in 8 mission cities (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Munich, Paris, Porto and Turin), engaging local communities in the implementation of their SUMPs and the co-creation, development and adoption of promising innovative mobility solutions. The MLLs will stimulate improved access to PT whilst introducing sustainable mobility business models in urban and peri-urban contexts, in turn leading changes in mobility patterns and behaviours, aimed at less car-centred urban mobility systems. 

GEMINI Partners

  1. Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) gGmbH

  2. Region Hovedstaden

  3. Gemeente Amsterdam

  4. Mestska Cast Praha 

  5. Forum Virium Helskinki OY

  6. 5T SRL

  7. Arriva Italia S.R.L.

  8. Bluegreen Cenex Nederland

  9. Stichting Cenex Nederland

  10. Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon

  11. Pluservice SRL

  12. Smart Innovation Norway AS

  13. TTS Italia

  14. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

  15. Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

  16. Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu OY

  17. Transport & Mobility Leuven NV

  18. Volkswagen

  19. Via Verde Portugal-Gestao de Sistemas Electronicos de Cobranca SA

  20. Atobe - Mobility Technology SA

  21. Konnecta Systems Limited

  22. Virtual Vehicles Research GmbH

  23. Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH

  24. Stichting Townmaking

  25. Caruso GmbH

  26. European Passengers´ Federation IVZW

  27. Giro Car Share

  28. CLEM

  29. Fier Automotive FIER Worknet


  31. Goodmooves BV

  32. Helsingborgs Kommun

  33. Toyota Danmark AS

  34. Arriva Danmark AS

  35. University of the AEGEAN

  36. A1 Solvenija Telekomunikacijske Storitve DD

  37. Associacao Porto Digital

  38. VMZ Berlin Betreibergesellschaft MBH

  39. Yunex GmbH

  40. TIER Mobility Denmarks APS

  41. Rudersal Kommune

  42. INLECOM Innovation Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Etaireia

  43. ATOM Mobility

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